Church Council News

Highlights from the last Church Council meeting

Susan Carentz is completing her diakonial study and will be doing her deacon internship in the near future.  We are elated that Susan is pursuing this line of service to the Lord and we wish her much success.

The Annual Metro NY Synod Assembly will be held at the Melville Marriott from Thursday May 19-Saturday May 21.  It is a gathering of all the congregations in the Metro NY area, which extends from Upstate NY to Eastern Long Island.  Each congregation sends both rostered clergy and lay representatives as voting member to this assembly.  At the assembly business matters are discussed, as well as resolutions and elections of synodical representatives.  This assembly will shape the direction of the greater church in 2016 and beyond.  This year we will represented by Susan Carentz, Angela Tigner and Pastor Bob.

Introducing John Litke.  John is the principal partner of St, Peter's Business Services (SPBS).  SPBS will be serving as our church bookkeeper and as such will be generating the finance reports previously generated by our Treasurers.  One advantage of using this service is we will have more detailed financial information, which in turn will support more informed financial decisions by our Finance Committee and our Church Council.  One such report shows that we currently have more than $430K in liquid assets and the need to invest a portion of those funds to generate interest income.  to that end, our Finance Committee just invested $40K in CD's, $5K in preferred stock and $5K in mutual funds.  We will be watching patterns to determine future investment possibilities.